Latest Etching

Untitled (Self Portrait)


Dia de los Muertos

La Calavera. The first in my Dia de los Muertos calavera

Latest Print

Here’s a look at my latest print: Cowboy Travis. It is based on the Cowboys and Indians photo series I shot a few years back with Travis Champion. Get yours at Studio 14 Gallery in Madrid!

Cowboy Travis001


I’ve started printing the edition of my latest etching, tentatively named Grotesqueries, based on a photograph I took many years ago of Toronto’s City Hall.Grotesqueries004

Holiday Image

Well, after a mishap last month at the etching studio on the planned, original, 4-color holiday print, this year’s print is a 2-color linoleum block print. I’ve finished carving the blocks and was able to run a test print at the studio. A couple of touch-ups are needed, but the long awaited printing starts this weekend. Maybe I should plan farther in advance next year.


Artist’s Proof of my newest etching in the Nozarashi series.

Untitled_Nozarashi #3 001

A Murder of Crows

Here’s my latest completed etching, A Murder of Crows. Enjoy!A Murder of Crows

Joker #2


The Latest Etching

This is the sketch for the next color etching in the Joker playing card series. Thanks to JT Tucker for being a great model!

Joker JT003




The preliminary sketch for a playing card-inspired color etching.
Mingrino Joker001